Friday, October 23, 2020

MST3K: From Hell It Came


Another day, another bad movie courtesy of yours truly, Clayton Forrester. Morning, men! Today Frank and I bring you 1957's From Hell It Came. That was a banner year for turkeys, wasn't it? Just another nominee for the list of all-time clunkers! Like countless others, it relies on the radiation hysteria of the time, which all began with 1954's Godzilla. At least this monster isn't obsessed with Japanese skyscrapers and power lines. 

An Island prince is falsely accused of murder by a witch doctor who resents his friendship with American researchers (he'll regret it!). The prince gets a knife to the heart and is ritually buried in a tree trunk. Ironically, island lore speaks of a walking tree known as the Tbonga. Anyway, men, it's off to the theater with you to see how much you can take!

Lights and sirens drive Joel and his robot pals--Crow and Tom T Robot--to the space station's theater. 

During the course of the film, scientists discover a mysterious tree stump growing near the swamp, and take it to the lab for study.

Joel  Yep, that's perfectly normal. Who'd be afraid of a tree with a monster face lying on a table? Just another freak of nature you'd confidently turn your back on.

Crow  Freak with a capital F.

The Tbonga escapes and kills the witch doctor, among others.

Tom  That's right, lady--keep the toes stylishly pointed all the way to the swamp!

Crow  The guy is slower than Frank's mental process. How is he catching all these people? Why aren't the village kids throwing rocks and having a ball?

The Tbonga blends in with other trees to await the next victim. Presently, one of the women scientists wanders by.

Joel  Here we go. Turn your back on a tree with a face like that--knowing there's a monster on the loose. 

The Tbonga seizes her and heads for the swamp. The men arrive and set her free, having decided the only way to kill it is to drive the knife in its chest all the way in. The only safe way of doing that is to shoot the hilt.

Crow  Oh sure--just stand there while he shoots. And be sure there's quicksand behind you!

Mortally hit, the Tbonga falls into the swamp and sinks out of sight.

Tom  And the world is once again safe from walking trees!

Joel  Ever notice how there are no more big budget flops? They're character driven stories buried under tons of special effects. 

Crow   Keep it down. You want Clayton to know we have a secret satellite link to Hollywood? Besides, what's wrong with super hero flicks?

Joel  Says the guy whose fantasy woman is Wilma Flintstone.

Crow  Her animatronic version, wise guy!

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