Saturday, August 10, 2019

Moving Along On Our New Site

Day three of transferring our channels to new places maybe a good change for all.  I certainly am trying to keep up the pace of my typical daily routine.  Any writing or creativity mostly happens at night when it is quiet.  

What is your typical day?  Does it work with your creative side? What helps you get in gear with your writing and art?  Are you an established writer or artist?   
Here are some wonderful books to get you back into it and stop listening to the negative chatter box in your mind.

We went to the Phoenix & Dragon bookstore in Atlanta today, and it is something to check out with all the crystals and multiple faiths in this amazing conglomerate of incense, essential oils, music and meditation and more.  I happened to find some of these books and couldn't choose which one I liked more. I do have two of her books which I find invaluable to expand the depth of creativity and challenge yourself and embrace that creativity you have. 


Stop on by and enjoy a coffee or tea with us and chat a bit.  This is our own little club and introduce yourself and tell us what your field is in the writing or art fields.  What are you working on now? 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Welcome art enthusiasts and writers!

Come on By....

Welcome art enthusiasts of all backgrounds.  Get settled into your creative groove and let this be a  place of inspiration and a place to help you become a better artist. It's kinda like a club or group meeting without leaving your house in your busy daily routine.   Art is the soul of a culture and for some it just comes easy.  Some people are self taught, some went to further their craft to make it their passion.  

This is just the beginning of our exciting page of possibilities.  Have a topic you want to ask, or discuss to others who are established artists and make it work for themselves.  They say do what makes you happy and the money will follow.  

C.S. Lewis did not finish all his books, but he kept going.   He knew J.R.R.Tolkein and were great friends that hung out at the coffee shops brainstorming.   This is what this page is all about.   

All posts must be approved by moderators and please cite your sources to avoid plagiarism and other nasty things that could sour our page.

Have a great night and good luck on your creating.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cognitive Diet For Creative Concentration

This might be a very good productive night for you writers, poets, nonfiction writers and perhaps songwriters. What are the best ways you approach your writing? A creative mind needs cognitive foods to keep going. If you follow this guideline, I promise you it works wonders for an all nighter, if that is your goal.
In my experience, too much of a favorite food is counter productive. My limit is one cup of coffee after dinner, but if I go more than that, my mind gets too busy. Too much sugar also blocks the creative channels. Moderation is the key.
Cut out the carbs. Go green and leafy and light. Don't forget the protein. I prefer a nice fish such as salmon or trout with a salad. Greens such as spinach, kale with mixed veggies with sweet potato does help keep the brain working when you need it to be productive. Bolthouse Green Goodness is a great juice that enhances focus as it eliminates toxins. I adhere to this. If you don't mind a bit of extra chlorophyll, add chlorella powder to juice. (It does not taste well) but it really has helped with stamina and focus.   by Mike Barrett is a very great resource and I eat most of these foods.  

A Roundtable of writers and artists

Welcome all writers and artists of all backgrounds.  We have all kinds.  From Journalism to creative writing to technical writing and more.  Stories are everywhere.  In writer's block woes?  So many ways to get out of it.  Writing a novel?  Established novelists invited to drop in and chat.  Encourage others with your expertise from a question on a novice writer or getting into the beginnings of publishing your work.

Whether you have inquiries about writing fiction or non, science fiction or romance this is the place to ask away.
This page is to help with your journey as a writer and artist.  I hope you enjoy your stay and get into your creative groove as we mellow out with the many ways writers and artists use that are successful.
Maybe you know something we don't.  It's ok.  It's all about having fun!  Most of all if you have something to share invaluable info, your input can help someone be a stronger writer.   What are some ways that help you churn out your manuscript?