Saturday, August 31, 2019

Contributors wanted

Have something to contribute? It's easy peasy.  We need at least four more to make this blog successful.  All it takes is having a gmail account, we send you an email invite and you are all set to make up your discussions and post.   I know it's a bit different than what it used to be, but this is the BEST way to send out the word.  Whatever is your interest in art, writing, books, or what you like about a particular artist make it into a post. It's very easy.    The email invite is a on time then you can post more than one posts.  You are set to go.   Blogger is different, but in a good way.  You click on a moderator's profile, then get the email and send them an email to be invited.  It's not hard.

There are so many topics out there on writing and art.  They compliment each other.  If you want to post on more than one blog, you will need another invite from Mr.Write then you are all set. It's like our own little club.  What we hope to happen is to generate the creativity and support.  If you are an artist or a writer, post a question so that someone in the field can lend their expertise.

Once you are in our group, it's just the beginning to the change.   

Friday, August 30, 2019

Art: Stormy Sky Over Aberdeen

Particulars  Acrylic, 6x8 inches on watercolor sheet, limited palette.

One winter day over the jogging trail, this late-afternoon sky came together ahead of an approaching storm. Luckily I had completed the run, and whipped out my camera to capture the Horsehead Nebula rearing against a sunburst spearing up from the horizon. It was the perfect opportunity, back in the studio, to emulate the Impressionists by painting fast, as they had to do in rapidly-changing conditions.

A thin wash of cobalt fills in the left side. While it was still wet, I overlaid with full-strength white in outward strokes to portray the sunburst. Edges softened when it bled into the blue. That's rule number one with clouds: soft edges. Rule number two is confidence. If you're timid, your sky will look labored rather than spontaneous.

Likewise, a thin wash of black fills in the borders. Successive layers of the same hue provide 3D form. The light creates subdued shadows from the intense source at the horse's nose. Very little detail appears at lower right, a brooding area that contributes to the ominous mood.

Ol' Nick will admit to some Bob-Ross-style happy accidents (love 'em). One of these is the double curve of light at center left. Curved light? Why the hell not! It adds to the windy, chaotic feel. A final touch is muted orange at the bottom, a squall line bearing the earthy scent of dried leaves.

Wanna try this style? It's loads of fun. Work fast, work confident. Of course, you do need to know what you're doing. . . .

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Book Review: The Gordian Protocol

I'm not a big fan of time travel, unless writers like David Weber and Jacob Holo throw down a clinic on how to do it, and do it right. They take a big risk on the rule about likable characters, because our protagonists are anything but on first meet. They're part of an organization tasked with observation and recovery. As the curtain rises, they've arrived to plunder the Library of Alexandria, bullets flying and blood galore. So what? they reason. By going back a day earlier and waiting for time to catch up without incident, they've ensured no tampering ever happened.

Ah, but it has--in the alternate timeline they just created. Sixteen universes are now entangled in a Gordian knot. That's the one Alexander the Great had to undo if he wanted to be master of the world. As "undo" isn't strictly defined, he simply cuts it with his sword. Our heroes must do the same, or the whole cosmos goes kablooey (but of course). First, they have to find it: that one event that set the whole mess in motion, and they're gonna need help.

They return to their base in the 28th century, only to find it altered. It's now an oppressive dictatorship. After an escape we never saw coming, they set off into the past, pursued by an armada of warships. The enemy, you see, is painfully aware that cutting the knot means they never existed.

The real stars aren't even human: the spunky time ship and its intuitive AI, which can take a desperate command and run with it, to whit--gettin' the hell outta Dodge. The hardware is impressive, the battles top rate. Where the enemy has a Freudian thing for missiles, the fugitive ship is the Doc Holiday of flying pistoleros. There's nothing like the sound of a wowzow, buzzsaw-on-sheet-metal chain gun, spent shells raining down by the thousands.

Clever escapes abound as the pursuers herd them into smaller and smaller blocks of time. That sets up the blazing showdown pitting the plucky crew against the entire fleet--or what's left of it at this point. It's a tale worthy of the "time" investment, which in my case was two days. Just couldn't get away from it.

Words and brush: Creative Fans

Words and brush: Creative Fans: Good morning creativity fans from all backgrounds.  D-day maybe coming for our channels, but not for our new homes.  Change is good.  This ...

Creative Fans

Good morning creativity fans from all backgrounds.  D-day maybe coming for our channels, but not for our new homes.  Change is good.  This is the new journey.  As we gather more followers to our sites,  keep the momentum going.  

We would like to welcome Mick Williams from Writing World. He is the newest addition to our site and look forward to see what our little group has as we gather more on our list.  If you know of anyone who is wanting to contribute and share their expertise in writing or art, please recommend us.  

Can't think of topics to elaborate on?   Any tips on writing or the elements of art is good. Posting your story is ok, I just wouldn't want someone unscrupulous to steal it.  I have always been very leery of this.  Family would always say your work is good, but it's the friends and teachers that would give you more constructive advice.  There are stories everywhere.  Have you published anything?  Share it with us.    Are you a commissioned artist?  I sold one painting of a horse. It was a very beautiful pastel and my first piece I ever sold.   Our house is like a gallery.

We hope you feel right at ease with our new site and thank you to Mr.Write who is with us as an awesome moderator.  Have a great day!

Take "it" Easy Painted Road

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Words and brush: Tuesday Stuff

Words and brush: Tuesday Stuff: Does anyone have that feeling time is just sagging like the memorable Dali's  persistence of memory?  Will our channels just be memories...

Tuesday Stuff

Does anyone have that feeling time is just sagging like the memorable Dali's  persistence of memory?  Will our channels just be memories?   It doesn't have to be.  Changes are good, just a different kind of good.  The rain is coming and soon we'll have that change we're all expecting.  

Still visit our wonderful new sites and mine as we combine both art and writing.  You can help someone that has a question.  Maybe you are that person. Or just visit and pull up a chair and have a coffee or such and visit for a bit.    What is your niche?   Are you working on something?  Let us know!  

Chessboard game and Dali-like clock

Monday, August 26, 2019

Words and brush: Crunch Time for Channels, but new Beginnings

Words and brush: Crunch Time for Channels, but new Beginnings: Well it's been a full last week of appointments and running around like a fly on raid thinking how the Disqus channel ends are going t...

Crunch Time for Channels, but new Beginnings

Well it's been a full last week of appointments and running around like a fly on raid thinking how the Disqus channel ends are going to effect us all.  I know we'll be fine!  Something else will fill in the gaps of this phenomena known as social media.  I have the worst aching back ever for four days and on top of that ruined my back up glasses. Waiting for the new pair to come in in a couple weeks.   We want this new site to be successful and I need YOUR help to teach me how to tag and invite people.  I'm new at this like a 2 year old . Technology keeps changing faster than I can edit or write at times.

Hand with Pen Proofreading a Manuscript

Asking for some good people to give my site a chance as I feel like a fledgling so I can soar. Thank you!