Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fresh New Start

A great new start for the new year of our blog.  Still here to help and grow.   Creating something goes at its pace.  Priorities happen and we have to push forward, let nothing stop our projects, the calling to write or paint, to create something that is bursting through the fabric of our center. One thing about being my own boss, I can hire and fire myself anytime.  I don't even get a severance pay or not, but it's ok.  I wake up the next day and try again. This year has been especially hard, maybe more rough than last year. We are always looking for fresh new ideas and this blog is a place to talk about writing, talk about art.  There are no limits here to creativity.    Book three has its challenges, but if I am patient fresh ideas start churning again.  

 Renew Thyself Completely Each Day - Metal Rustic Wilderness Sign - Thoreau Quote Wall Art

Dreams are precious, keep working on your goals.  Turn off the chatter censor that says negative things. We go into a spiral and doubt ourselves.  Push ahead, do some freewriting that gets out all the static.  If that is not your way, cleaning or organizing something always helps.   Your work will be done and it is your own. 

Techniques in writing to artworks have their elements of structure that makes them unique.   When the elements come together, it's a beautiful thing.  We have a good group here.  

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Want to publish something? Someone in the field will answer.  The market has changed. How so?   

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Fireside Inspiration

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Writing had gone stale for me.I was running on exhaustion with no motivation.  Ever feel like that?  Been rough this year for everyone.  I'm not sure whether 2020 was rough but now might as well add in 2021.  It is what you make of it and things happen for a reason only God knows.  I developed an anxiety because of covid and it all ended up in my back, my everything. We needed a reset so in the midst of packing to move, we went on vacation to the oldest city in America.  St. Augustine Florida was absolutely beautiful.  The cool clear waters of the beach and feeling the sand under my feet.  I cried with joy feeling such a release of pent up stress. Oh we had the kids watched with mom, so it was even better.  

Fire comes in rainbow colors from a product our cousin got at Walmart.  Really neat. So here we were in Florida with family and friends.     Great fun and like an out of this world fun. Just a break from the ordinary hubbub.  Much was spoken about the country and deep concerns were on everyone's mind. 


A few days was not enough to see everything.  We did see the fort, amazing there are some photos of it too.  Just check out the material used to build this immaculate structure of defense.  We learned about history, as I am a history buff.   Secondly we learned we have a cousin that works at the pirate museum so it was an added bonus that he invited us to his home where they have a campfire closure of the week's end with rum and dinner.  I took a swig of it, I don't drink, but it burned going down. How do people cope with it? Drink some more, I reckon.  

Noticing the simplicity and beauty of things again.

Finally I am writing again, as the extra long break was needed.  Writers need recharge, a rested mind and body is essential.   Kids go back to school soon, already?   A good time to get this third book done in the next four months.  With them in school I will make it work.  How is your summer? Are you working on an art project or writing project?  Let us know.   Thank you for your support with the blog. 
We got home to the boxes waiting to go to the new house soon.  Looks like it will be another month and half

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Weekend Meandering


Late afternoon sun baked freshly cut grass, its aroma reaching Ed through the third floor patio. A droning airplane yielded the stage to a chattering cicada chorus. Those harbingers of dying summer depressed him, so the trio of co-workers who barged in could be forgiven for disturbing his reverie.

The dwarf Hecabano plopped down beside the coffee table with his usual repast of large hoagie and super Big Gulp. To Ed's snide look, he said, "I have long since hung up my cape and dropped out of the competition, but I still wield a mean ax." His white-bearded face regarded Wicca, curled up on the sofa as a tune played on the Cerwyn Vegas. "It is not your usual Goth death metal. In fact, it is somewhat pleasing."

Ed reached for the disk's liner notes. "Nada One. Judging by the lyrics, it's about a frolicking orbital spaceship, but the title sounds suspiciously like 'Not A One'. Let's consult a computer brain. What say you, Queenie?" 

The gold cyborg stood  motionless by the drapes, an anachronism in a slanting ray of dust motes. "The subject is sufficiently esoteric to warrant multiple interpretations. I will abstain." 

"Okay then," Ed said, "we'll appeal to the experts. According to the notes here, the band called it a trippy song. Probably while tripping." 

Hecabano nodded. "There you have it--it is a frolicking spaceship." Wicca had taken up some impromptu lyrics: You are the moon in my eyes, you are the stars in my sky. "With pardons, Maven of Malarkey, but those words do not occur in the tune." 

"Then they should, because they rhyme!" She scowled at the auto section of the Sunday paper. "I don't like the Cylon-face front ends of these new cars."

"It's called bad," Ed put in. "Like the demon-eye headlights they think is so intimidating at night."

"I call it cartoonish."

Hecabano finished the bucket-sized drink. "What matters it now? You cannot take your Ferrari to Outworld when Mistress Queenie turns the lights out for good."

"Yeah," Ed added. "This is your doing, Wics. You had to bring her here as a sidekick. As if the Illuminati weren't bad enough before she took over the show. I hope we can make it to Outworld before Earth becomes the latest prize in the Bot Star Empire." 

If Queenie could grin, a huge one would be pasted there.

"Oh well!" Wicca threw up hands. "If these people are so easily subverted, then Kratos take them. But I am taking my Ferrari to Outworld. I'll charge people money to sit in it."