Thursday, January 21, 2021

Terrell Mill Dragonslayer

Since we are on the subject of statues, one stuck out to me while on a date with someone.  Well the statue was more memorable than my date. This statue was in the Atlanta area and we took this route a lot to the Italian Restaurant. 

No one knows where this statue is now, but check it out.  It is a very large statue and enjoy...

Terrell Mill is actually a road. It probably got the nickname that way.

This statue was on Terrell Mill Rd. in a commercial park area between US 41 and I-75 in the late 90's to early 2000's.

Owned by Aspen Productions, the statue was removed when the business closed down in the mid 00's.

The statue was made from more than 3 tons of recycled chrome from old cars, along with other materials.

Represents St. George the Dragonslayer. The knight's chain mail was

made out of spoons.

At night, the chrome and the city lights really brought the battle to life.

Battle on, St. George, where ever you now are.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

How To Get Rich Selling Lawn Statues


First, capture yourself a gorgon, who will make all the stoneware you need. Careful, though--this can be extremely tricky!

Sunday, January 17, 2021

A Creativity Process


Writing in journal. Taking notes in personal journal royalty free stock photo

During these quarantine months, days mesh with nights and repeat.  Have they been more productive or unproductive? Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Whether it's a book, an article, poem, drawing, painting, graphic arts, it's all a process.   Things happen of course during the course of projects we are focused on. Whether it's national or global issues,  we still must strive to work on the task at hand and finish it strong.  Turn off the static and reset.

So far I finished two books this year, finally and currently working on book three. Outlines seem to be best done in pencil for me. That way I can add on/ take out as I go.  Because I have children at homeschool, I make reachable goals for myself otherwise I get overwhelmed and loose focus.

What are your strategies that keep the creativity flowing?   Tell us what current project you're working on. This is an all artsy writer's page designed to be like a club. Maybe you're established in your field and can help others with your expertie and so on.  Are you a student working on an essay?  Need help to let us look at it for you?  Need help on techniques in art?   We have amazing contributors on here that can help.

Paintbrushes on artist canvas covered with oil paints. Paint brushes on artist canvas covered with oil paints stock images

One strategy I rely on is maintaining a balance in daily routine.  Every hour get up from the desk or easel and take a brief walk or do some stretches, take care of a quick chore and get back into the craft of writing or art.   Second, change the routine and switch goals around.  Make them reachable.  Take a walk, take a break.  Get more sleep.  I find the more sleep I get, the more the mind is refreshed and geared to working at a higher function.   One more thing, before I start writing or art, I keep to a cognitive diet to maintain that higher function.  More leafy greens, more fish, less sugary drinks and exercise really help for those long nights with scenes to write.  

Sometimes depending on the day and how productive you are, priorities seem to come up and you can get back to it again the next day.    All in all, it's a creativity process and your work of art or manuscript will be finely crafted by you alone.