Sunday, May 17, 2020

Moon Quaker, Episode 4

Celia and Rocky entered the spacecraft and heard the radio crackling with questions. Celia turned it off. They enter another compartment, and removed their helmet.

Rocky asked, "Do you think we should tell base?"

"Should. But we're in the middle of something; they can't help."

"Did you know Orlando long?"

"No, I met him in training. I got to know him a little. It hurts."

"I sorry." said Rocky, then was silent a while, collecting his thoughts. Finally, he asked, "Who is in command now?"

"Franco seems to think he is. You proved yourself. And I was second in command." After a pause, she said, "When I saw the hideous monster, I thought you would be crushed."

"I had no idea of its size, just that it seemed larger than us."

They chatted a long time, trying to calm each other; but suddenly they heard a loud crashing sound and the spacecraft shook. They held motionless, expecting another blow, but when no more came, they rushed to put on their helmet, and went to the exit chamber. Rocky opened the door slowly at first; there was no sound, then emerged, followed by Celia. Franco was not there, but a litter of robot parts covered the surface. They glanced at each other, knowing what this meant. They looked at the craft, and found no damage; but the monster's arm was gone.

"I have to go down the crater," said Rocky.

Celia said nothing.

Rocky looked at what was left on the ground. "You have the only weapon now, the rest damaged. I'll take this long jagged piece of steel as a sword. Cover me while I go down into the crater. If you need to leave alone you can protect yourself with your arm."

Rocky descended and quickly found the entrance to a cave. Immediately as he entered, a female monster larger than the first, saw him and grasped him. He quickly lost the jagged piece of steel, as they rolled on the ground in deadly combat. He had one arm free with which to strike the monster, but he could inflict no injury. She clasped him, attempting to break his bones or suffocate him. He managed to get up on his feet and throw her on her back; but she still clung to him, then put a hand in his face. He pushed it off with his free hand; but then she struck him in the face with an open hand, the blow stinging him all over, almost sending him into a stupor. His head pushed to one side, his eyes came level with a sword hanging on the wall. He instinctively grabbed it and plunged it deep into her. Her grip relaxed. She lay motionless. He too lay there a long time after the many blows, crushing embraces, and falls. Then, with difficulty he got up, staggered, recovered his breath sufficiently, and looked around him. He saw the first monster in a corner. Not knowing if it was alive, he cut off its head. Then he looked for Franco. He found his bloody spacesuit torn apart. There were no signs of either men who had gone down into the crater. He returned to tell Celia the horrible news.

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