Thursday, May 21, 2020

Multicreative people can be overwhelmed

Happy Thursday!

First of all I want to thank our amazing contributors during this difficult time.  You are amazing poets, writers, and artists of all fields. Sometimes you do both.  That is what this blog is all about. You inspire us in a way and take us away from the usual dilemma in our worlds.  You rock on, when the rest of us are beaten by the quarantine and everything else going on the last few months.  I finally am taking a week long break without kids in the next couple days as our family looks after them.

My son has special needs, five therapies a week.  Since the shutdown, I have been the therapist while the main therapists do their sessions online.  I am the OT, the PT, and the Speech therapist.  It doesn't stop there, I keep going off hours to build on his levels to get him where he needs to be.   I have a new respect for all the therapists that do this 40x a week.  Take that as one child per hour. So if a therapist has 6 kids a, that is a lot.  My own child is enough, I can tell you.  After the public schools closed,  the situation fell upon me to be sure he doesn't fall behind. He is making progress, great strides.

Aside from that, I find the time to write and finish my second book.  You find the time, someway, somehow.  There is a siege in book two and it's not always easy to keep the focus on the flow, the grammar and everything else in the story.  I find my best times to focus is after our son goes down for a nap around 1:30, and sit here to focus. The weather has to be good, too. Not cold, or windy, rain or snow.  Of course I didn't anticipate the buckets out in the lawn.  My husband does tai chi, kung fu etc.  He's an instructor as well and runs a school out in the country so his office has been outside, too.

We're nearing the end of May and I am feeling the state of being overwhelmed doing everything.  Seems like I haven't had a me day, or a few days to recoup.  Writers need those too.  

So do you have an outdoor office?  I highly recommend it if you need a change of scenery.

Again as the quarantine comes to a close hopefully this summer,  I anticipate the book being completed and having that sense of accomplishment.  I suppose that is step one, and the next step would be looking into publishing it.  I also illustrate, so my graphic arts degree maybe helpful but technology has changed so fast.

My thanks to all who have stuck it out here on our blog and looking forward to wonderful posts.   I like the wonderous variety our blog offers and helping others in their struggles with writing, art or anything creative.  That is what our blog is for.    
As I become less overwhelmed with so much, I can take a breath and finally pay more attention to the blog.    

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