Sunday, May 17, 2020

Moon Quaker, Episode 5 — Conclusion

They reloaded the lunar sample because, as Celia said, Rocky was unable to carry out his mission due to circumstances, and the sample would still be useful on Earth. They also stored the two torn spacesuits.

At the control, Celia asked, "Ready to launch?"

Rocky nodded.

They had flown a while when Rocky asked why they didn't see Earth. "We need to loop", is all Celia said.

Rocky was silent during the passage. Celia asked why he wasn't reading his book.

"I've been thinking. There's something about the journey that's becoming familiar. I couldn't see it when we were going through it; but I'm certain I'll remember before long."

Later on the flight he asked again why Earth was still not in sight. She told him she is never confused. Then a small object came into view, and got bigger and bigger. They landed.

"Where are we?" he asked.

"I thought we could use a day or two to rest and calm ourselves. Take off your hat and mittens; and lets go out."

Rocky looked on in astonishment as he saw her remove her helmet. This didn't look like Earth from afar. What if the air is poisonous. He slowed followed her. Outside was a bright, beautiful, lazy day.

"This is what we need," she said.

"It's lovely. I could stay here a long time. But where are we?" He looked about, then asked, "Are those islands? It's my eyes, or are they floating?"

"Floating islands, precisely."

"Are we.... Are we on Perelandra?"

She looked into his eyes and at his sad smile, and said, "Precisely, Doctor...Doctor...Holmes."

Rocky thought a moment, then his smile broadened. "Watson, Dr. Watson."

"Oh," she said, "I'm always confused."

                                              —— The End ——

Hope you enjoyed the space junket. At least it won't fall on your head.

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