Saturday, January 30, 2021

Personalize Your Workstation

Most of us are settled into our field of choice to work on our craft to improve.  Our virtual offices at home can be equally challenging trying to stay inspired.  One of the ways could be how the writing or art studio is set up.  Make it fun and personalize it that suits you.   Make a seasonal or holiday theme.  When you are looking to keep ideas flowing, set up something that redirects the mind.  Whether it's a lava lamp or a mini aquarium to something simple such as mini plants, organizing your workspace helps to reorganize the mind.  Sometimes a diversion to your current project is just what is needed to keep the creative productivity flowing.  

Since it is winter, put up some battery powered mini lights and fake snow. Wrap mini lights around branches, make them short.  Hot glue them to a wooden board or use sturdy foam to stick them in.  Layer the snow just a bit and deck the little scene how you want. Whether it's plastic deer, animals or set up a mini battle scene with knights and dragons, castle etc.  Or just keep it simple.


   Old writing desk. Full of quills & inks for calligraphy royalty free stock images

 It seems complicated enough to feel overwhelmed.  Keep something simple, maybe a mini bonsai tree or something.   Ever look at the sky, or the ocean horizon and let your thoughts drift a bit?   Make your remote office fun whether it be a writing studio or art studio.  

Bonsai Tree Knowledge Wisdom. A bonsai tree in a pot on a painted canvas background with a shaft of light royalty free stock photography

See the plant on Dwight's desk?  Something as simple as that can make all the difference and when you take a mini break from your project tending  something or reorganizing something else will help one to stay on task.

Image result for Dwight Shrute, office

If you are on a shoestring budget like we are, it won't put a dent in it being extra frugal with supplies and materials.

Dwight Shrute, office - Bing images

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