Thursday, August 29, 2019

Creative Fans

Good morning creativity fans from all backgrounds.  D-day maybe coming for our channels, but not for our new homes.  Change is good.  This is the new journey.  As we gather more followers to our sites,  keep the momentum going.  

We would like to welcome Mick Williams from Writing World. He is the newest addition to our site and look forward to see what our little group has as we gather more on our list.  If you know of anyone who is wanting to contribute and share their expertise in writing or art, please recommend us.  

Can't think of topics to elaborate on?   Any tips on writing or the elements of art is good. Posting your story is ok, I just wouldn't want someone unscrupulous to steal it.  I have always been very leery of this.  Family would always say your work is good, but it's the friends and teachers that would give you more constructive advice.  There are stories everywhere.  Have you published anything?  Share it with us.    Are you a commissioned artist?  I sold one painting of a horse. It was a very beautiful pastel and my first piece I ever sold.   Our house is like a gallery.

We hope you feel right at ease with our new site and thank you to Mr.Write who is with us as an awesome moderator.  Have a great day!

Take "it" Easy Painted Road

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