Monday, August 26, 2019

Crunch Time for Channels, but new Beginnings

Well it's been a full last week of appointments and running around like a fly on raid thinking how the Disqus channel ends are going to effect us all.  I know we'll be fine!  Something else will fill in the gaps of this phenomena known as social media.  I have the worst aching back ever for four days and on top of that ruined my back up glasses. Waiting for the new pair to come in in a couple weeks.   We want this new site to be successful and I need YOUR help to teach me how to tag and invite people.  I'm new at this like a 2 year old . Technology keeps changing faster than I can edit or write at times.

Hand with Pen Proofreading a Manuscript

Asking for some good people to give my site a chance as I feel like a fledgling so I can soar. Thank you! 

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