Friday, August 13, 2021

Friday Writing Inspirations


Kids are at school and I am very thankful to have this moment granted to work on the book.  I get up and contemplate the scenes that need to be written with more attention.   Are you one of those writers?  Get the story out, then edit or revise?   My new routine is breakfast outside with the coffee mug with a snowman on it.  Do we really have 20 weeks left till Christmas?  Something to think about, or not.  I think I tend to order things online now that I am older and don't like crowds much.    

Topic today is on transitions in writing.    Once you churn out the details of the main idea of your manuscript,  transitions shift the mind gently to the next scene in sentences of the paragraph. Like a work of art that has elements to design, writing also has its own elements to make the piece flow.   Here is a video for thought on the focus of the craft in writing.

Lastly, enjoy working on your piece.  It is your niche, and don't forget the music if you need something to keep your creativity flowing today.  I am thinkin of something between heavy and moderate rock.  

Have a great Friday and good luck on your project!

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