Monday, August 16, 2021

Morning Freewriting

Freewriting is all your own.  Express your thoughts as much as you want.  Call it a mental purging to reorganize the mind to get it in gear.  Worry not for grammar or detail, this is your journal time.  No one is going to be looking over your shoulder or grading your form of expression.    

art journaling GIF by SoulPancake

Hand Owl GIF

Many people, whether they are a writer or artist or not, it helps in so many ways even in the profession you are in.   Try writing out a page or two, then throw them away. It's a way of letting go of issues that keep hanging on. When the new dawn comes, you can start again afresh and make your project shine as it is meant to be.    Once I get through the morning freewriting my storytelling or art is a much better flow.  Just let it go. Are you ready?  What's stopping you?     

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