Saturday, May 1, 2021

Dabbling in my Journal

Good afternoon! Glad to see you drop by and tell us what you are working on. Or maybe you are just taking it easy. Is your mind as actively creative that won't shut off even when you are relaxing? Even when I take it easy, my mind wanders and dwells on the current project in progress. I even dreamt of a scene last night of the character, a sorcerer causing all the mayhem. 

Sitting on the porch under the shade of the red umbrella and the oak tree is nice on a spring day.

Let us know what inspires you.  Listening to nature feeds the soul.  For this process, I prefer the handwritten in pencil method.  It's not so permanent on the screen yet.  

Hope to get through some scenes today,
one that creates the pivotal moment of the story my character is going to endure. Going to take a bit of research as well. Make the story credible, lure the reader in.

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