Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Creative Way and God


Keeping on the creative wave lengths.  Being creative is also a spiritual as well personal development.  Sometimes we have a creativity block or our personal censor tells us we are not good or our work is meaningless.  Julia explains ways to override that negative censor.    Trying out morning pages or freewriting in the journal helps tremendously.  How this works is write whatever comes to mind.  

For those with kids and busy routine, find the time in the morning, at least five minutes to write in the morning.  Try it for a week and it will help you break through that creativity block and put aside that censor. It will make your profession better and have a better inner spirituality. Her works have helped me write and create better works of art and have inner peace within. My gift to everyone when my books are published is to be a gift, an escape from the hectic world we are in.  

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