Saturday, August 1, 2020

Blog Renewal in Six Days

Renewal Reminder write on a book isolated on Office Desk royalty free stock image

Guess what, it's almost our one year anniversary for our blog.  Google is reminding me when I decided to take a chance and create a blog suitable and a need for a wide audience of English students, Artists looking for critique on their pieces, how to use a particular medium in an artwork. How has it been since we started?  Would you like more of a particular topic in writing and or art?    Let us know, we're a good bunch and our invite list keeps growing or holding steady since the Disqus change.   Is it better?  Less static from the negative side of commenters?     Our group is for you and not many people are leaving the house during quarantine.  Are you an introvert?  My husband and I are, which has been rather nice.  We have been family centered.   Finished my two books, with the third simmering and already roughly planned out.  I'm a one project at a time kind of person.    Our blog has many openings for more writers and artists.  I sold one artwork for $150.  One of my charcoal drawings got stolen in college.  Yes, it was a beagle.  I thought it was a compliment that someone wanted to use it for their own purpose.  

Have a great Saturday! 


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