Friday, July 31, 2020

Mick and Jane on the Moon — Three

The two got to the well, and turned around toward the noise. From where they had come a noisy, rickety buggy drawn by a stragering horse rounded the corner. A driver guided the horse and another sat beside him. They didn't see the children at first; but the second rider soon pointed to them, and the driver led the horse to the well. Mick screamed to the girl, "Go up!" The girl, however, did not have the strength to climb up. Mick could have escaped, and gone for help; but by the time he returned the girl might be lost like her brother. The wagon came up to them. The men wore old work clothes; they looked pale, as though they had been away from the sun a long time. The driver, Brie, brought the wagon to a halt. The rider by his side folks called Swiss.

Brie called out, "Ya kids get away from th' moonshine!"

Mick had heard of moonshine, but it always seemed to be a joke. He was speechless.

"At yah feet! What ya think runs in streams?"

Mick answered, "Oh, we came for water."

"For my brother," said the girl, hurriedly.

The two men looked at each other, and Swiss said, "I heard 'bout that. We could take 'em too."

"What's ya names?" the driver asked? "Whoa!" he shouted. The horse had begun to lap the moonshine. It buckled and started off when it got a lash. "Whoa!" he shouted again. The horse stopped. "We ain't carryin' ya."

The two men spoke low. "How we get 'em in the wagon?" Asked Swiss.

"Get in the wag'n!" Brie commanded the kids.

The children couldn't move.

Mick asked, "Do you have water?"

"My brother!"

The two men spoke together again. "What we do now?" asked Swiss.

"mmmm," said the driver. "Ain't got no rope."

"My brother!"

"We need water!"

"How about water?" asked Swiss.

"mmmm, yeah. We tell 'em get in the wag'n and we get some." Then to the children he said, "Get in the wag'n. We'll get wat'r.

The children were doubtful. Mick didn't see how the two of them could escape.

Swiss added, "You want to see your brother. We think we know where he is.

Still doubful, Mick helped the girl on, and climbed on after.

"The wizard will be mighty pleased, with the 'clipse comin'", said Swiss as they pushed on. 

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