Saturday, June 13, 2020

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday to all writers and artists.  You don't have to be either but just enjoy our blog.  Get off the beaten track and try something different.  

As it is nearing a full year since Disqus dropped channels, this I hope has been a good change.  I plan on installing my next year for this blog and it could not be done without our contributors, our readers and more.If you want to see more of something on our blog, let us know.  

The goal is to open the creativity or restart yours when your inspiration has gone stagnant.  Got writer's block?  A creativity block?  We have a nice group here to lend their techniques to get out of the rut you are in.   Writing a journal?  An essay?  Let us help you.  Have a question on both fields of writing or art? All you have to do is ask and someone of expertise will answer.  

Since we are a virtual writing and art group you come as you are and maybe this is the time to start your new creation of art or literary works.    A huge thank you.  Remember there is always someone who will love your work.

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