Sunday, December 15, 2019

At the Bromius

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Lennox: Ah oh, what a dream I had.
Porter: Let me help you up. Put your arm around my shoulder. Careful now.
Lennox: What happened here? Everything looks wrecked.
Porter: There was a storm last night; the chimney was blown down, and windows broken.
Lennox: And the rest?
Porter: Well sir, the laws of nature are altered. It cannot be helped.
Lennox: Laws...nature?
Porter: Our land suffers. When the king is near women forsake their children and home, and run through fields and forest. It is heard throughout.
Lennox: Oh, the dream, nightmare, whatever it was—
Macduff (entering): You are up. Look at this place. I thought it was the storm.
Lennox: Was it a dream I had?
Macduff: More than a dream it seems. We'll have to pay for the damage. Drinks too. But the dream?
Porter: No payment is required sir, this is common nowadays.
Lennox: The dream, the storm.... The women running through the woods.... I joining them....  Rather, they joined me. This is not my habit. Then in the morning, the women attacked the herders' sheep and cattle, and beat up the herders who tried to stop them. Women defeating men! Then Sheriff Pentheus, that's what he called himself, came with men to arrest me and the women. His own mother was involved. When the sheriff and his men came to the spot and saw the carnage, the men deserted. The women attacked Pentheus and tore him to pieces. His mother came to me holding what she said was the head of a mountain lion; in her ecstasy could not see she carried her son's head. When I enlightened her she was horrified, sobbed.
Macduff: Dreadful dream, but we have to call on Duncan.
Lennox: When I got here a battle was raging and the king was at camp. He never did lead. With the treaty there was little to defend, but now that we are attacked, he stays behind while others fight.
Macduff: The Norwegian king fought! But you say Duncan would not show himself on the battlefield. He passes himself off as an old man who's not expected to go into battle. Let's go before the sun rises.
Porter: When you get to the castle, knock hard. My brother is porter there, and he often empties bottles.
Lennox: Something new with him since, you said, nature's turned upside down?
Porter: No, sir, he is constant. The king too.
Macduff: A good thing sometimes. Duncan commanded I wake him in early morning. Macbeth received the title due me. I should have come up here myself and told Duncan to his face what I did. I expect bounty for defeating the Norwegian king and the tribute I exacted. Never would I step foot in Macbeth's castle but for the king's command. Let's go. led women? Were you Duncan?

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