Monday, March 28, 2022

Open thread # 5 Channeling Creativity

Ah, the sprouts of spring!  Greenry and blossoms deck the outside from the window.  Here comes the sun!  Pour the coffee, pour the tea 🍵 

  Enjoy, take it easy and then do some work or continue with projects, or pick one up that's been on the backburner for awhile.


Think how you want your project to be.  A strong starting point, the middle, and the end.
All you need are spokes or the support beams to support it like a bridge.   Some writers start the endings first and go from there.  I know exactly how my story is supposed to end.  I am the Goddess of my story, I have a plan for each character.   The end maybe rough, but the trilogy will be finished.

Like life, things go great but there are trials and tribulations as well and we know
it does not end well for the villains and there is a challenger. Always.

Our move was good for our new beginning.  I finally got my writing area set up and the chair is great, 
to keep my focus going.  Don't get distracted, complete your project strong!  
As it was in the Bible, God said he created everything, and saw it was good.

If we let the silence deepen just a little bit, the beginning ideas and images to put on paper or canvas, or drawing board will just flow.  Let the creativity flow through you.  Channel it! 

Have a great week!  Remember to keep the fun and the laughter with peace
in your heart and soul like
a river.

Timeless good comics we enjoy today!

Still not feeling it?  Sometimes we need a break, a diversion.
With spring, gardening projects help tremendously.

And then there's this one....everyone has their thing!
  Got to love LA Story!

Have a great creative week! Channel it.

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