I’m yet to find a chicken lover who didn’t go crazy for this recipe.  It’s relatively simple to make using regular ingredients, and it’s also a complete meal.  Made with spinach, sundried tomatoes, cannellini beans in a delicious creamy sauce, in 30 minutes, wow!   

It’s not authentic to Tuscany, this is my version, but it does contain many of the delightful Tuscan ingredients we all love.

This recipe uses chicken breasts, you can however use chicken thighs if that’s your preference.  If using breasts, you want them to be juicy and not dry. To achieve this, don’t over cook them in the pan, simply brown each side on high heat.  When you touch them, they should still feel soft inside. Transfer to the oven and finish cooking at a low temperature.  As soon as they become just firm to the touch, they are ready.  If your sauce isn’t quite ready, take them out anyway.  You will reheat them in the sauce.  Some pieces will be thicker than others, so take that into consideration.

Enjoy my version of Tuscan chicken