Thursday, February 10, 2022

Try a Writing or Sketch Journal


We are all creative in many ways. We use critical thinking to tasks everyday, every moment.  What if journaling could enhance your skills even more?  Whatever you write in the journal is between you and the pages. It's a way to clear out the static and mental stagnation or emotional spirals we fall into.  Truly it's normal and natural to express what's within.  Go on get it out on paper.

What kind of journal do you have or thought of having in your possession?  A leatherbound journal with thin pages and a nice fountan pen?   I prefer just an ordinary spiral bound notebook and I write with a nice black ink pen and churn out a couple pages on anything and everything.  Some may call these freewriting pages too.  One thing to overcome is your own censor.  Yes, it's the inner dialogue that crops up and tells you it's no good and so forth.  Ignore it and go on.  Eventually you'll catch yourself when you do it.

As you start out on first few days of journaling, you'll notice a change to making goals happen and have a better starting point.  It reduces anxiety as well stress.

Find a quiet place or a time that all is still around you to give it a go.  No one is grading you on it.   Make that step and journal, get it all out.  Unlock the creativity and you'll find yourself accomplishing more than you ever thought of before. 

Try journaling, go out to the store and select the pen you like and the journal and let the change begin.

Even better, try a sketch journal. Whether it's words or brush, take a moment, your quiet reflective moment.

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