Friday, March 27, 2020

Happy Friday!

Giving our great writers, artists, and readers a shout out to see how everyone is fairing with sudden changes in our worlds.  I hope you had a good week and kept busy. 

How are you fairing with the global issue?   We live in the country outside Atlanta, GA and watching our cases etch up.  We're up to 2,000 cases and just a handful here. It may have been in our house around late January/February.  My husband had a 101-102 temp, then a bad cough I did not like.  We all have asthma from colds, flu, and allergies so we keep inhalers around.  Somehow I think it has been here much longer than the news or China is mentioning.  My son and daughter are home with their online and home learning.  My daughter uses my main laptop for her school and it's been a juggling things around  She's doing great and loves homeschool. My son has Down Syndrome, and many of his therapies shifted to online sessions. He has 5 a week and usually I go with him to observe and take mental notes what they do.  Now my husband and I, as well our daughter are the therapies.  OUr son is acting out as he does not understand what is going on or why he is home for a month.

I canceled all my well checks till this thing blows over.  We have enough albuterol and two working nebulizers just in case one fails.  I want to thank all the contributors and the Mods for being patient with me and generating the best articles and stories since Disqus closed.  Mods are welcome to tag if I am a little tied up with a therapy session or just wait and I'll get to tagging. Current projects have been hard to keep focus on with the current situation, but with every pandemic, this one will come to an end.  A sad loss to those who lost loved ones and prayers to those in the middle of it like we are. 
Book writing has been slow, but I hope to pick it up a little bit tonight on a Friday night.  It seems being homebound for awhile could be a way to finish projects, manuscripts or master pieces.  I am an interovert to an extent. Maybe that is why an artist or writer does what they do.

What are you doing to cope with the storm?

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