Thursday, October 17, 2019

Moving Along

Good evening fellow writers and artists.  We hope you are having a great week and I want to thank all the commenters and our contributor Mick Williams.  It seems everyone has survived the loss of Disqus channels and we are persevering.
We want you to feel welcome here.  If there is anything you want to contribute on art, writing, on a style, or seeking advice please feel free.  Let it be at your pace as this blog is going to be open for a long time.  All it takes is click on my name and you'll come to my email and send me one.  THen I send you an invite.   If you prefer, I can add you on to our other blogs just in case you feel an urge to contribute.   Again, no pressure but variety is a beautiful thing here on our blog that brings unity when we talk about artists, authors and so on. Writing and art compliment each other.  My goal here is to take everyone away and use this as a resource or just to hang out like it's our own club.   Keep on your projects.  You will get there.   

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