Sunday, September 1, 2019

From Whence Post Ideas?

Insightful ideas make us bloggers more than pedestrian key bashers. Okay, so we type just south of 100 WPM on Keyboards worn to ghostly letter fragments. We strive to both inform and entertain. If some unexpected wit causes you to snort coffee on the screen, then pardone, monsewer! Mission accomplished. Lets' mine three of the most popular fields.

Books  Your review style might be influenced by your favorite writers. Former poet laureate Ted Kooser's hometown anecdotes were the soul of his book, The Poetry Home Repair Manual. In one story, he describes setting a super-heavy post for a shed. It's a one-man operation, and he has no lifting tools like a chain fall. His solution did our primitive forebears proud.

The late Lester Bangs, once active on the rock 'n' roll scene, defined the term "hipster irreverence". When he needed just the right word, he invented one. See his coffee table book Blondie. At the very least, you can't complain about all the gorgeous pics of Debbie Harry.

Art  Every picture both tells a story and has a story, in terms of background and technique. If reviewing another artist's work, some common ground will have resonated with your muse. Maybe it's how some of the Impressionists did multiple takes, like Monet's Haystack series or his views of Rouen Cathedral. Ol' Nick once did six versions of the same sunset, ranging from straightlaced to gonzo.

Writing  We all have our favorites among the plethora of topics on the craft. For me, it's characters and dialog. But that's another post.

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