Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Art: Alpine Camp

Landscape, 11x14, acrylic on canvatex.

In which yet another magazine photo gets re-imagined. The appeal was twofold: orange sun contrasting with blues and violets, and the serpentine flow of snow down the mountain face. The yellow tent is an extra touch for scale and a little human element. Wet blends suggest a frozen flow as night overtakes the lower half. Higher up, dry edges accentuate the windblown heights. The eye follows a challenging path right up to the peak.

The advantage of working fast is that you capture the mood while it's fresh in mind. Wrestling with fine detail moves it closer to photography. There's nothing wrong with more deliberate methods; they provide hours of fulfilling work. This more sketchy method is for those wanting to channel a madcap Impressionist who races against the failing light. It also echoes their dislike for black in nature, since even the darkest areas are done with diox purple muted with orange.

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