Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Character Development

Creating that memorable realistic character is like a recipe.  For example there are the steps to follow to making a five course dinner as a good writer doesn't go without a character sketch or outline to makes their character unique.  There is a story, then the character and how he or she goes through the plot.   First and most important is the hero/ heroine. A character can be complex as we all are.    For each character I think it is better to get their physical attributes down to their emotions and personalities that make them unique.  I can immediately tell by the way the author describes a character whether they are the protagonist or the antagonist.    From there it's the minor and supporting characters who also have a small sketch.  

Also I try to make sure about consistency when describing them as they re-enter a scene.   Do you favor short named characters to longer names?  If they are different and new, I think the reader will remember them.  

How fond we writers are of our characters and they go on their way through the story.   They do their job as in the outline or sketch.  Is it your story or theirs?  They say the author should stay out of the story and let their characters have their own voice and purpose and change.  Ah, voice and dialogue of a story that compels the reader from the start.   

Are most on here published or aspiring to be published one day?  Let us know and your expertise and what genre you prefer. What is your system that works for you with creating a memorable character? A lot of times I think I unknowingly put myself in the story as if we're in a parallel universe.


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