Monday, February 21, 2022

Open thread 5

   Onto a new week, but first coffee or tea to start the day with us.   Trying something to take us off the mianstream beaten path for a change.  

While it might be cold and grey where you are, it is cheery here and all welcome to join us.  Be with a friend or just find a secluded place to take a mental break.  We all need it sometimes.

Out the window to the west is the farm nearby as this place is in the middle of

the country.

Check out the books in the library, learn something new.  

Come on, we have the room and the cheer for all.   And besides, all this is just for entertainment and interests.  I'd really want to know what a vortex tour is before trying it in the corner of the shop. Another dimension, maybe as I sip coffee and let my mind wander about while being stationary. It is better to be in the world than of the world where everything revolves around another.  


May reaching your goals and dreams be on your side and be the light when the dark seems darker.


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