Monday, January 31, 2022

Open thread 3

A new week is in store.  Many are either snowbound or it's best to stay indoors
Have a coffee or tea to start the day with us. Try marshmallows with a mocha coffee, they a different cozy yumminess all together. The longer it's cold that means more coffee or tea to keep warm with a cup of luxury.


 cardinals stop by in the morning light for their breakfast crunchy
and sweet as they sing the new day.  

It might look like Ansel Adams out there with the stark white
and black as we marvel at the solitude and grace

Inspite of the long needed break from a move to adjust to a new
routine, a writers or artist mind is always churning. Research is essential to a polished

Beauty is everywhere, even if it is on architecture.

(Tiled Steps by ZAG and Sia)

About the Groundhog predicting the weather...

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