Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Creativity Corner: Let's Talk About the Process


Sometimes writers and artists need a break.  It's a well-deserved break that happens and sometimes beyond our control.   Priorities come up that need attention thus disrupts the schedule just a bit.  

After awhile the idleness stirs within affter so long that the other part of the mind starts churning around, the story, something awakens it again amid the chaos of moving after the holidays and so forth.  

We are creative, we find a way, a place and time to get the story out or the image put on canvas.  I have scores of acrylics and canvases and brushes nice and clean and neat in an art caddy with colorful bins wrapped in cellophane to keep all the contents in place as everything was moved from one home to another.

Whisper, whisper the story is whispering again more each day with setting up a temporary routine space to do my work.

One of the teachers on college told me to pick a hill, either writing or art.  Well to make that work, and I've tried, both interests wrestle with each other that I had myself researching many writers who illustrated their own novels.  

I made quite a bit of graphite illustrations for both books which I plan to use, maybe for the chapters or as the book is broken up into three parts.  However I left the characters to the right of the reader. 

Inspite of being stagnant these few weeks, I find myself getting back into the story very soon, because those white pages need words to fill them up.

What are you writing or creating now?  Tell us about your process on your project.  I know a few here are already published authors and commissioned artists.  I recall I sold a pastel artwork I did for someone that wanted a portrait of her horse.  

Thank you all for staying on topic with this one, besides our open thread.  

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