Thursday, July 29, 2021

Fresh New Start

A great new start for the new year of our blog.  Still here to help and grow.   Creating something goes at its pace.  Priorities happen and we have to push forward, let nothing stop our projects, the calling to write or paint, to create something that is bursting through the fabric of our center. One thing about being my own boss, I can hire and fire myself anytime.  I don't even get a severance pay or not, but it's ok.  I wake up the next day and try again. This year has been especially hard, maybe more rough than last year. We are always looking for fresh new ideas and this blog is a place to talk about writing, talk about art.  There are no limits here to creativity.    Book three has its challenges, but if I am patient fresh ideas start churning again.  

 Renew Thyself Completely Each Day - Metal Rustic Wilderness Sign - Thoreau Quote Wall Art

Dreams are precious, keep working on your goals.  Turn off the chatter censor that says negative things. We go into a spiral and doubt ourselves.  Push ahead, do some freewriting that gets out all the static.  If that is not your way, cleaning or organizing something always helps.   Your work will be done and it is your own. 

Techniques in writing to artworks have their elements of structure that makes them unique.   When the elements come together, it's a beautiful thing.  We have a good group here.  

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Want to publish something? Someone in the field will answer.  The market has changed. How so?   

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