Monday, December 6, 2021

Holiday Countdown Dec. 6

It's that time again to binge on movie trilogies or watch something new during the holiday season.  Create something new. We are onto the last two weeks of fall as trees stretch their barren arms and fingers to the sky.  A hush hovers over the land.  

                     Coffee is plentiful. A Yeti knows how to start the morning
and maybe they indeed drink coffee!

Lights up and down the street, they wrap the home
in warmth and cheer. Take a walk to enjoy the solitude and splendor of the season.

Coca Cola Polar Bears with a smile.

                             Hot chocolate with a loved one to close the day
                 while it snows,
 and snows outside. Let it snow
                          and snuggle  closer.

Or a gingerbread latte is above and beyond

A phenomenon whycats like trees and
shiny breakables.  Perhaps
they think, "Ah they brought in nature for me!"

 Take the time to take in the solitude,  read a
new book, or drink hot tea to close the day

Reminders of winter and angels all around from their tiny

Remember times gone by they come around
again with sounds of the season reminding us
to be giddy like children. Embrace that to heart.


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