Monday, December 13, 2021

Holiday count down Dec. 13

A new week begins as time is of the essence to
get the cards made out and sent. 

Marshmallows sweeten hot chocolate with a smile

Snowy walks with our loved ones as winter looms ahead.  For some snow has already fallen and the cold is there to stay.

While some have cold and snow, frigid arctic winds,
others are enjoying their Christmas
at the beach or on a cruise.   Coffee is abundant and a luxury at our happy place on the shore.

                                 Lights deck around the palms as the sky darkens at dusk.

Nothing stops the creative festive soul to
deck out their yacht.  

 Seeing the reflection along the
 water with the pathway to walk along.  

A wild ride for everyone for a few years, one or a few can still make a difference. Start with a ripple effect with kindness and random acts of goodness and light from within.


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