Monday, October 18, 2021

Weekly Open Thread, October 18, 2021

          Along the leafy path enjoy the scents and sounds of Autumn, see the brush of nature's colors of the season.  Orangy orange, raspberry reds, lemony yellows and royal purples with sunlight through the archway of the forest.


      Sit down by the covered bridge where pressed coffee is served on the table under the maples shedding their golden foilage.  Enjoy the moment with us as a new week begins.

            Fall brings out the storyteller in me of a character like this one.  A daughter of a captain in my story.  She has the stamina and the wit and the bravery. Her uncle is a sharp archer. I wrote down her name somewhere. 

There's no one like Mr. Bean and his Halloween skits.

  And then there's that Halloween party up the street at the neighbors.  No one ever visits them except for Halloween.  Outside in their garage was their own haunted house with props and things to send warm shivers through you for their delight. 

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