Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Tuesday Story Outlining

Good morning and hope it is a great Tuesday.  I'm in serious concentration planning out a major action scene.  For this it seems better to see my drawings and my notes to handwrite it out.   

The scene which the good guys take back what was taken from them, yet things won't be the same.  A story is a story and the reader, the audience I keep in mind always.  During the cooler times I get up to take a break and see our enormous Joro spider on the deck.  She is getting much bigger and gives me the creeps as though she is watching me, wondering if I am something she could eat. Joros are invasive and their numbers have increased. They have surrounded our house with their webs.   They get much bigger than this.

To which on the other side of our porch is the native writer garden spider.  She is quite amazing, and much larger as she tucks her web out of the Joro's sights.   

While working on your literary piece or artwork, don't forget to take those little walks and marvel at the simplicity of things life has to offer us.  Whatever inspires you.  Oh and don't forget the coffee and yoga in the morning to start your day off.   

                            May be an image of coffee cup and text that says "Good Morning I just wanted to share a virtual cup of coffee with you... thought it would be nice way to begin our day. Lhope today finds you well."

  Does anyone still have one of these?  An old dinosaur typewriter..

                        No photo description available.


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