Saturday, August 7, 2021

Systems set for Creativity


Happy Saturday!  It's been a week of prepping the kids for school and car repairs. Just at the rim with priorities to my ears.   They have a way to wedge themselves between our creativity to make us productive.    Many artists and writers have their own set up that encourages the clarity with motivation to be productive. For now my place is in the kitchen looking at the fridge and a window next to it over the counter sink.   I do have a system that works.  What is yours? 

Get adequate sleep.  A rested mind and body ensures the best and generates fresh new ideas and tackling angles that have not been thought before.

    What is your system?  Does it help or you make it work regardless the settings.  My quiet area was the artist/writing room before the kids.  I gave up the back bedroom so they could have the bedroom.  To be creative and having a vision of your manuscript or art piece keeps going on in your mind, take down notes or draw up sketches.   

    Exercise is a must.  As creative people, we also love variety not only in our projects but in our lives.  Maybe take a walk and get some fresh air, do something different to change up the routine by keeping active.

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Vestibular input.  Lay on your back on a yoga ball, and roll back with your head back.  This gets blood flow  to the brain and really helps with cognitive function.  

When my work gets stagnant I take a break and do something different. Life is busy but I make time.

Eat a well balanced diet.  Reduce sugars and carbs.  Eat complex carbs and increase leafy greens such as spinach or kale..  Fish is one of my favorites when I am looking at a working night to be productive.

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And lastly after a delicious meal, treat yourself with a dessert.  Make it a coffee with a cannoli or something of your choice.   With these easy steps you will be ready to get the mind flowing way into the night if you are a night owl like I am. Tucked away from it all with your own nook as you see fit with meeting a goal set for yourself or a deadline for an important company's demands of the task they depend on you for.

Lastly,  add music.  Whether it's oldies 60s to new tunes, or soundtracks, it takes me into the focus of the task at hand. 

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