Monday, May 17, 2021

MST3K: Fiend Without A Face


Clayton Forrester  Greetings, spacemen! We're going back to the fifties again, and this time your torment isn't half bad. It's Fiend Without A Face. Near an Air Force base, some goon is killing people vampire style. But it isn't blood he's after. The bodies have bite marks at the base of the skull, and contain no brain or spinal cord. No, he isn't eating them--he's animating them! 

Crow A brain vampire! Maybe he's squeamish about blood.

Forrester Nothing of the kind. Later, when the creatures become visible, they turn out to be antenna-sprouting brains with spinal cord tails. British censors complained about it being typical Hollywood over the top creepy.

Servo Really? I'm starting to think I might enjoy this flick. But if you like it, something has to be wrong.

Forrester For one thing, it has sloppy editing. 'Green dog' is alternately shown as an 8-engine B52 and a 6-engine XB47, the prototype of the B52 precursor. 

Crow Only you would notice that. What a perfectionist.

Forrester Is that so? The plane has XB47 painted on the nose!

Joel Let's get to the plot, shall we? 

Forrester Townsfolk think the base atomic reactor is powering the creatures, and for once, they're right. The ghouls lay siege to the mad scientist's house, the guy whose TK experiments created them to start with.

Crow Don't tell me, don't tell me--the ghouls destroy their master!

Servo Well of course they do! I'll bet they burn the place down to boot.

Forrester Well no, but don't try to con me into giving up the ending. You'll have to sit through the whole schlock-o-rama to find out!

Joel Have a heart, Doc. We can riff better if we know where it's headed. . . .

Forrester Nice try. [Hits the space station movie alert button, panicking the guys.]

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