Friday, March 19, 2021

Sifting through the Blocks


 Happy Friday fellow writers and artists.  I hope you had a great week and the month has been a good one. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. It's been a strange but good winter. So far in book 3 I got to chapter six, then hit a glitch.  Although I have an outline, and going full steam ahead in the story the winter blues can set me into a funk thus creating a creativity block.  Very much like a writer's block, or a case where I would have multiple ideas for scenes come up without a direction for the story.    In this case, I purge.  Change my routine

around.  I read more and take a break.


Priorities also came up that were necessary.   Sent our five year old son back to school two days a week as the covid numbers are better.  I dropped him off Monday morning and he walked into school with his backpack, 

with a head nod of "I've got this." He's going to be ok.

Meanwhile our daughter is at virtual homeschool, and she is good to finishing out the last two months of school that way.  She even went to gifted testing this week so it's been very busy.  She is surprisingly doing well and knows this is temporary. Its been a rough year for everyone. In the fall we send both kids back to full school as we are on the downward trend of this pandemic.

The story is changing things around as scenes that are coming through my mind, so need to freewrite them out.  I've got my main character on his quest, and he's going to pick up four more characters along the way so it's a navigating when/how they appear.  Four man army compared to his track record of leading thousands. I like a challenge, surely.

I know how it's going to end.  His villain will be defeated, but there's some damage he's going to do before all is said and done.  Just like a bridge that has supports, the novel needs its supports to the plot and subplots along the way.  Some things are easier said than done.  Or written.

What are you doing tonight?  I am looking over the printed chapter six and some freewriting is in store tonight to clear up the static. So much creativity, looking forward to a good night tonight.  Are you painting or creating something totally different? Share it with us.

overwork GIF by Carlotta Notaro


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