Saturday, February 20, 2021

Ways to Redirect Creativity


Everyone needs a restart, whether it be creating a manuscript or artwork.  Carry a journal or sketchbook in  your pocket or purse.  It's a freedom to get out the static by reorganizing the mind.  Since many are homebound it becomes a bit more of a challenge keeping up with our mental health.. Our social media platforms for our socialization has become the strange norm of keeping up with friends and family.  I still use the phone to a friend or family and let them know you are thinking about them.  Covid has affected us in so many ways with a rippling effect that hasn't stopped.   

Journaling has always been a way of self discovery and pulling out more details of a story, a particular character for me and gets the creative mind in gear.  Nevermind the grammar, it's just you and the spiral bound notebook and a pen.  Write out first thing in the morning with a quiet place for five or ten minutes.  Try to get three pages down.   Write out your concerns, events of yesterday or whatever suits your venture in journaling. 

Or try a photo, any photo and describe it. A photo is worth lots of words.  Freewriting is what it is, put anything in there. If writing is not your thing, try the sketch pad and dub it morning sketches.

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