Friday, February 19, 2021

Ready for the Night

 Well it's been a long two weeks.  Had a sinus headache, the kind that hurt to think.  Alas God told me it's time to take a break and come back to make the story stronger. I am reminded to add a 12 year old character into the story, and he needed  his own character sketch. The book is going to be interesting since he is going to help change the course near the end. "When the cat's away, the mice will play"goes the saying.  Meanwhile the main character is crossing an icy bogland alone.

I might be coping the best I can with the pandemic and being cooped up for a year at home with the kids. Homeschool is good, the kids are doing great

What are you working on tonight?  Writing or art project?   Have a coffee with us in our corner, or step it up with wine or add Kahlua.  Let's see what happens when trying to be productive.  Got my outline and music, always have to have music to keep the mind going. During an action scene, definitely a soundrack to a good movie.  

Like my new inspiration?  Can't help to think spring with the roses.  A bonsai tree, but when we move soon.    Stay awhile...

illustration read GIF by Marie Chapuis

Colors Create GIF by arts of GrIeF

May be an image of laptop, indoor and text that says "S DELL logitec"

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