Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Creative Reel

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Good afternoon fellow writers and artists,  hope it's been a great weekend so far.  Got my personal workspace up, and as I thought of a bonsai tree which would be nice to keep up over the years that would be ideal.

We are moving in a few weeks so it will be an idea for the new house.  I found a mini rose for some inspiration next to my outline.   Bought some new U2 music to churn out songs. It's that kind of day today as it's cold, rainy and overcast.   Still getting over a sinus issue.  Hard to work when not feeling chipper.

What are you working on today? Or is it a day of rest for you?  Working on a couple scenes.  Somedays I'd like to work faster but this is all I can do at this pace. 

Working on a painting? Graphic design?  Have a question? Ask and it will be answered by someone in the field with their expertise.  Have new ideas for the blog?  Let us know about it so it can grow. Have a great Sunday.

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