Saturday, January 2, 2021

New Year's Resolution

Since I haven't done much creative writing here, especially of late, I thought of writing criticism. Unless there is objection, such as it does not fit the literature expected here. Otherwise, short works would be best to analyze. I will work on the Mabinogion, early Welsh Medieval tales. I could write three or four times on each, summarizing and discussing. It would be more interesting if others read the texts too. They are no longer than short stories. I don't know what most of the stories are about; I'll find out as I read. The first of the tales is Pwyll Prince of Dyved. In a week's time.

Going back to my last writing here, I introduced Hercules as coming back after having a hell of a time. As a matter of fact, that is where he was, and that is what he was going through. Of course, the king lies to Hercules's wife to separate the two. Hercules avoids her question for fear she will want to see the dog he brought back, which could be the death of her. How the fish got into the play...well, that's fishy.

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