Friday, January 17, 2020

Too much e e cummings last night.

Sans Rime ore Resun

— Hey, get the sun! Your hear?

— Yeah. Had a busy night?

— Just go get the sun!

— Where's 'Cles?

— Set the globe down. Go. I'll get 'im.

— Here, turtle. Be careful or Promo's folks will hurt. One, two, three. Down, down, down. There's the light. Heck, you here?

— At last! Your sun burned off the sourpusses in that corner.

— Well, put up your vacancy sign. Some always looking for room.

— Tzeus got a new girl last night?

— Can tell? Seems it got knocked far this time. See you tomorrow, Heck.

— Tell Tzeus to lay off the Nymphs.

— Sure thing. One potato, two potato, hot potato. Catch Heck.

— Ouch! Take this and get out.

— Three potato, four. Up potato. Bouncy bounce. Back Tz...Zeus. Sun's up. Back on the pillar.  No 'Cles at the globe? You awake? Zeus? Zeus? Oh, well, time to make the coffee.

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