Tuesday, January 21, 2020

A One Minute Tiff

Amy's boyfriend Les corralled Jen at the coffee shop, all wigged because Amy dumped him. Could Jen fix it? She whipped out her phone with a sigh.

JEN  zup  What's up with you guys? You know Les is crying in my beer. I got things to do.

AMY  yomi five  [I owe you five? Amy, you said YOU had the tip. Now you want it back?]

JEN  yo k?  Are you okay? Tell me how to get Les outta my hair and you guys back together.

AMY  dono  [You don't know? I need more than that, lady, so let's not be coy.]

JEN  wahapn  Clue me in as to what happened.

AMY  irol sosumi  [Rolling your eyes and daring me to sue you? I'm not letting go of this, Amy.]

JEN  tude dudet  No attitude, dudette. I got all day til you spill.

AMY  k,k! leemelone  [Okay, leave you alone? Not gonna happen.]

JEN  comagin  Come again? Can't believe you said that.

AMY  sawya wit  [You saw me with Les? Lemme explain, it's harmless.]

JEN 4 yr bday  We were shopping for your birthday, homey galomey.

AMY  cul. nvr mnd! he he

Jen put away the phone and reached across the table to gently backhand Les's shoulder. "Okay, Les, you're gold."

"Outrageous!" One minute after asking for help, Les bounded out, headed for relationship bliss.

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