Saturday, January 25, 2020

Purposefully Incorrect English

All these sentences were written intentionally with errors to refresh your mind and see if you catch them.  

1)  That's my dream house I plan to buy it as soon as I win the lottery.

2)  We looked at the house it had three bedrooms upstairs hardwoods and a nice kitchen with French doors that opened up to the backyard.

3) Atlanta is a nice city with a booming celebrity sightings such as  Hugh Jackman and Elton John and Clint Eastwood did a movie twenty minutes from our house.

4) Our rats were relentless at night--chewing--through the kitchen wall behind the sink.

5) When you make an over easy egg there are steps to keep in mind.  You set the burner at medium heat for your iron pan and put a bit of butter or cooking spray on.  Next you get the egg and crack it open and drop it into the pan.  Wait till the bottom gets a bit opaquely white then use a spatula to turn it over.  Gently.  If you break the yoke, flip the egg and let the heat seal it closed.  Fry the egg for three minutes or less.  Then put it on the plate.

Good luck and mostly have fun!

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