Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Roundtable of writers and artists

Welcome all writers and artists of all backgrounds.  We have all kinds.  From Journalism to creative writing to technical writing and more.  Stories are everywhere.  In writer's block woes?  So many ways to get out of it.  Writing a novel?  Established novelists invited to drop in and chat.  Encourage others with your expertise from a question on a novice writer or getting into the beginnings of publishing your work.

Whether you have inquiries about writing fiction or non, science fiction or romance this is the place to ask away.
This page is to help with your journey as a writer and artist.  I hope you enjoy your stay and get into your creative groove as we mellow out with the many ways writers and artists use that are successful.
Maybe you know something we don't.  It's ok.  It's all about having fun!  Most of all if you have something to share invaluable info, your input can help someone be a stronger writer.   What are some ways that help you churn out your manuscript?

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