Saturday, August 10, 2019

Moving Along On Our New Site

Day three of transferring our channels to new places maybe a good change for all.  I certainly am trying to keep up the pace of my typical daily routine.  Any writing or creativity mostly happens at night when it is quiet.  

What is your typical day?  Does it work with your creative side? What helps you get in gear with your writing and art?  Are you an established writer or artist?   
Here are some wonderful books to get you back into it and stop listening to the negative chatter box in your mind.

We went to the Phoenix & Dragon bookstore in Atlanta today, and it is something to check out with all the crystals and multiple faiths in this amazing conglomerate of incense, essential oils, music and meditation and more.  I happened to find some of these books and couldn't choose which one I liked more. I do have two of her books which I find invaluable to expand the depth of creativity and challenge yourself and embrace that creativity you have. 


Stop on by and enjoy a coffee or tea with us and chat a bit.  This is our own little club and introduce yourself and tell us what your field is in the writing or art fields.  What are you working on now? 

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