Sunday, November 10, 2019

Monolithic Nightmare

If you think it can't happen, it can. During the course of three years I finally finished my second book. Years and years of revisions and modifications that it was finally finished in a way that I could go back and fix areas that need attention. During that whole time I forgot, literally forgot to back up my work that was all on my flash drive and not anywhere else. It was that sense of panic when my flash drive stopped connecting to computers. It was a sense of devastation of a different kind.
So I began a search for the right place and person to recover my data on a flash drive. No two flashdrives are alike. Beware of the monolith flash drive which I had. I looked at companies that quoted thousands of dollars to five hundred dollars. It would require surgery and attach wires carefully so my monolith flash drive would be recovered correctly. Many companies said it would be difficult and time consuming How depressing that most companies were into price gouging to the unsuspecting consumer in a dilemma.
It took a month and a half to do some soul searching for myself and reaffirm what my goals are. I could rewrite my story, go back to the previous saved work before my entire updated version. And never think you will not use the paper print out of your work as a physical backup.
So I prayed to God about this problem. I asked him if he wants me to make this book, show me the right person to be trustworthy and good person. My search eventually led me to a place that only recovers flash drives. He had a five star rating and a 98% success rate. I emailed my problem and he was able to identify my monolithic chip and find an exact model that was disassembled. He impressed me beyond. I thought he did something the other guys didn't. He knew exactly what he was doing. The quote was reasonable. So I slept on it, night after night and my gut told me countless times this was the guy. So I sent my chip way north, and I waited. The wait was overwhelming day after day. Finally I got an email that said my chip was fully recovered. I hesitantly paid the quote which was quite reasonable than what I got. The guy sent me a link to download my work, and within a few days he sent me my original monolithic flash drive and a new flash drive with my complete work on it.
Whew. What a long wait of agony. God was directing me and said yes, get this literary baby published. Now I have printed copy of my fully recovered work and peace of mind. My experience to this, back up your work, such as your phone, your external hard drive and flash drive etc. Be aware of people out there waiting to gouge unsuspecting customers lots of money. Monolithic chips are the newest thing, but keep to the regular flashdrives for future reference. 
In a devastating case scenario, it turned out good.

Some have you knew of this, but since last May 2019 all is well.   So far the Chromebook is wonderful with my work saved on the Cloud which is on multiple devices now.  I still use my main laptop for multiple files since it has more room. It does guzzle up the battery faster than the chrome, which lasts about nine hours for battery life.  Even if I move my story around, it is on the desktop and a simple new flash drive, if need be.  


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