Monday, October 21, 2019

Quilt Art

After making a blank grid, fill each square with different art to make a patchwork. These look more commercial if they harmonize in color and theme. Or you can maximize the impact by rendering each square as a miniature painting--not landscapes or portraits, but op art. Amusement parks used to offer "spin art" in which you squeeze out colors in the arrangement you wanted. The machine rapidly spun them on a spindle, mixing colors as they flowed outward by centrifugal force. Other possibilities are classic checkerboards, stripes, polkas, nature and industrial, even outer space. Alternately, you can use cloth concepts for the look of ladies at a drunken quilting bee (as I've done here).

From whence the idea? During breaks in nuclear power training, Id doodle with a black pen to see how many patterns were possible. The theory was akin to making a fabric sampler from which you decide which to make shirts or ties out of. Years later, the idea resurfaced as a good idle past time, like a crossword or sudoku. The advantage here is that you end up with something that doesn't need to go in the recycler when you're done.

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