Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween/ Samhain

This is our first Halloween on our blog and I would like to invite you to our page.  Do you have a spooky story?  Did it really happen?  Did it give you the shivers?  Maybe you don't believe in Halloween or the Great Pumpkin, but that's ok!  We're glad you skimmed over our new page.  OUr goal here is to be a resource for writers and artists of all walks of life.   With all the happenings going on, let this be our little alcove to brainstorm or recharge that creativity.  
Maybe you are struggling with an area of your art.  We'd like to know and someone here can give you that expertise.   Maybe you are a writer struggling with development or finding an angle for your story or article.  Same thing, we can help or just sit down and have a coffee or beer with us.  What happens here, stays here.

Image result for Ghost Cat

I do have a Halloween story.  It did make me think of Stephen King's Pet Cemetary for a moment.  My sister has about 5 cats and horses.   Well she lost one of her favorite cats in May.  He was the one she let in the house a lot.  This happened the last couple weeks.  My sister has been hearing the car, around the house etc.  When she looks in the hood etc. No cat.  Her daughter also hears it, too. So maybe he's a ghost cat....  I do believe in God, or the supernatural but shiver when I hear this from my sister.

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